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The Hospice House

Hospice Satilla Hospice House the Donald Waters Center for Caring was opened in 2010; we pride our self on being the only Hospice House in our area. The Hospice House is a five bed unit and staffed around the clock by a highly qualified nursing staff. The Hospice House is a short stay unit and patients must meet a certain criteria to be admitted for general inpatient (GIP). For example: pain and symptoms unable to be managed at home, family teaching of wound care, trach care, feeding tubes, etc. before the patient is transferred home. The Hospice House also provides respite care for our patients, a care giver's job can be stressful at times and the care giver becomes exhausted. We can transport our patient to the Hospice House for a five day stay to give the care giver rest and then the patient will return home.

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