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Hospice Satilla is a community based non-profit organization. Our ability to provide quality care is dependent on the generosity and the help of people like you! Thank you to our loving neighbors who help make our mission possible!

The Gift of Love
Our patients at Satilla Hospice House each receive an afghan that was made for them with love and prayer from church groups. They are so much appreciated by the patients and families. They add a touch of comfort in a difficult time. Thank you to all who do this.   
                   From the nurses

 This year, instead of giving each other gifts for Christmas, the Ware County school nurses decided it would be nice to join their efforts in giving needed supplies to the Hospice House of Hospice Satilla. The Hospice House is in constant need of supplies and we appreciate the overwhelming support of our community.  Thank you school nurses for your generosity!


Southside Baptist Youth cleaning the Hospice House

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Ware County Schools Nurses Donate Supplies

Community Support

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