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Camp Hope 2016

Camp Hope is a grief camp for children ages 5-18 years old who have experienced a significant loss through the death of someone close to them. It is held at the Lions Camp for the Blind and includes many fun activities.

Several times during the camp, the children attend small group sessions conducted by certified counselors to help them deal with their loss. The art activities they engage in are therapeutic in design.

We believe it is a very worthwhile experience that gives these children the opportunity to process the grief they are experiencing. Certainly, death is not a subject we like to talk about, so frequently, the children have no outlet to express their feelings and emotions.

Camp Hope offers them this opportunity.

Who funds Camp Hope?

Ph. 912-285-2340

Fax 912-283-0200

What is Camp Hope?

What activities are available?

The expenses of this camp are met by contributions from concerned individuals and businesses in the area. We would appreciate your consideration of this worthwhile need. Checks should be designated to Camp Hope and made payable to Hospice Satilla.

If you know of a child that could benefit from attending this camp, please fill out an application and return it to Hospice Satilla.